Apple Configurator bug when deploying TV without network connection

Number:rdar://15719158 Date Originated:23.13.2013
Status:Closed Resolved:No
Product:Apple TV Product Version:3. gen
Classification: Reproducible:Yes
I was deploying 20+ TVs for hotel. Every hotel room has wi-fi with unique SSID. I wanted to use Apple Configurator to do following:
1) skip intitial setup (set language, reporting to Apple)
2) set TV name
3) install unique configuration profile for one TV at the time with payload contaning single wi-fi configuration. 

During configuration TV was NOT connected to network and wi-fi configured with profile was NOT in range. We hadn't ethernet connection available during deployment nor did we wanted to install any other wi-fi configuration profiles except the one for room wi-fi.

When I was configuring AppleTVs (see conf_error.png attachment) I encoutered this error: "Unable to configure Apple TV. The Apple TV could not complete its network cofiguration". Apple Configurator installed profiles, set TV name but it did NOT skip setup because of this error. 

1) Complete initial setup with  Remote (we had to connect each TV to a screen)
2) Connect TV to network via ethernet cable (we did not have that option available when deploying)
3) Deploy TV in range of wi-fi network configured in profile (not possible)

Steps to Reproduce:
1. connect out of the box TV to computer using micro-USB cable
2. connect TV power cord
3. open Apple -> Apple TV Assistant
4. Don't enroll TV
5. Erase and Install latest version
6. Enter TV name, set language, set reporting
7. Choose profiles to install -> one profile with wi-fi configuration payload (wi-fi is NOT in range)
8. Configure
9. disconnect micro-USB cable
10. disconnect power cord
11. connect power cord
12. wait for TV to stop blinking
13. disconnect power cord
14. connect power cord
15. wait for TV to stop blinking
16. connect micro-USB cable
17. wait for Apple Configurator to complete setup with an error described in Description

Expected Results:
I expected to be able to configure out of the box TV with single wi-fi configuration profile without need to connect TV to network during deployment.

Actual Results:
Configuring completed with error: "Unable to configure Apple TV. The Apple TV could not complete its network cofiguration". Initial setup has NOT been skipped but profile was installed and TV name set.

Apple Configurator 1.4.3
OS X 10.8.5


Error ocurred when TV was NOT in range of wi-fi network configured with configuration profile. Error does not occurs when TV is in rangle of wi-fi network configured with configuration profile or it connected to network via ethernet cable (not possible during deployment).


4th Generation

I can reproduced this on a 4th Generation Apple TV running 9.1 with the Configurator 2.

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