iPhone Simulator kills location services on the host Mac

Number:rdar://10868154 Date Originated:2/15/2012
Status: Resolved:
Product:developer tools Product Version:4.2
Classification: Reproducible:
15-Feb-2012 10:10 AM Keith Alperin:
Running the iPhone simulator via Xcode disables the Mac's location services.

Steps to Reproduce:
1)turn on location services on the Mac via the Security preference pane
2)In Xcode hit build and run with a project
3)In system preferences on the Mac, hit Show All, then again hit Security & Privacy
4)Note that your location services are now unchecked

Expected Results:
Location services remains enabled

Actual Results:
Location Services are disabled

If i have the simulator running, and attempt to enable locations services via the Mac's system preferences i get this backtrace:

Feb 15 10:08:53 connecting [0x0-0x15f15f].com.apple.systempreferences[5893]: ERROR,Time,351014933.104,Function,"CLInternalSetLocationServicesEnabled",CLInternalSetLocationServicesEnabled failed
Feb 15 10:08:53 connecting [0x0-0x15f15f].com.apple.systempreferences[5893]: STACK,Time,351014933.104,1   CoreLocation                        0x00007fff8882f7be CLInternalSetLocationServicesEnabled + 110
Feb 15 10:08:53 connecting [0x0-0x15f15f].com.apple.systempreferences[5893]: STACK,Time,351014933.104,2   Security                            0x0000000109c5265c SecurityPrefDebugLog + 4356
Feb 15 10:08:53 connecting [0x0-0x15f15f].com.apple.systempreferences[5893]: STACK,Time,351014933.104,3   CoreFoundation                      0x00007fff90a1275d -[NSObject performSelector:withObject:] + 61
Feb 15 10:08:53 connecting [0x0-0x15f15f].com.apple.systempreferences[5893]: STACK,Time,351014933.104,4   AppKit                              0x0000000103bf0cb2 -[NSApplication sendAction:to:from:] + 139
Feb 15 10:08:53 connecting [0x0-0x15f15f].com.apple.systempreferences[5893]: STACK,Time,351014933.104,5   AppKit                              0x0000000103bf0be6 -[NSControl sendAction:to:] + 88
Feb 15 10:08:53 connecting [0x0-0x15f15f].com.apple.systempreferences[5893]: STACK,Time,351014933.104,6   AppKit                              0x0000000103bf0b11 -[NSCell _sendActionFrom:] + 137
Feb 15 10:08:53 connecting [0x0-0x15f15f].com.apple.systempreferences[5893]: STACK,Time,351014933.104,7   AppKit                              0x0000000103beffd4 -[NSCell trackMouse:inRect:ofView:untilMouseUp:] + 2014
Feb 15 10:08:53 connecting [0x0-0x15f15f].com.apple.systempreferences[5893]: STACK,Time,351014933.104,8   AppKit                              0x0000000103c6fd04 -[NSButtonCell trackMouse:inRect:ofView:untilMouseUp:] + 489
Feb 15 10:08:53 connecting [0x0-0x15f15f].com.apple.systempreferences[5893]: STACK,Time,351014933.104,9   AppKit                              0x0000000103beebde -[NSControl mouseDown:] + 786
Feb 15 10:08:53 connecting [0x0-0x15f15f].com.apple.systempreferences[5893]: STACK,Time,351014933.104,10  AppKit                              0x0000000103bb96e0 -[NSWindow sendEvent:] + 6306
Feb 15 10:08:53 connecting [0x0-0x15f15f].com.apple.systempreferences[5893]: STACK,Time,351014933.104,11  System Preferences                  0x0000000103670a17 System Preferences + 31255
Feb 15 10:08:53 connecting [0x0-0x15f15f].com.apple.systempreferences[5893]: STACK,Time,351014933.104,12  AppKit                              0x0000000103b5216d -[NSApplication sendEvent:] + 5593
Feb 15 10:08:53 connecting [0x0-0x15f15f].com.apple.systempreferences[5893]: STACK,Time,351014933.104,13  System Preferences                  0x000000010366fc61 System Preferences + 27745
Feb 15 10:08:53 connecting [0x0-0x15f15f].com.apple.systempreferences[5893]: STACK,Time,351014933.104,14  AppKit                              0x0000000103ae81f2 -[NSApplication run] + 555
Feb 15 10:08:53 connecting [0x0-0x15f15f].com.apple.systempreferences[5893]: STACK,Time,351014933.104,15  AppKit                              0x0000000103d66b88 NSApplicationMain + 867
Feb 15 10:08:53 connecting [0x0-0x15f15f].com.apple.systempreferences[5893]: STACK,Time,351014933.104,16  System Preferences                  0x000000010366ad9c System Preferences + 7580

I wanted to classify this bug as "data loss/hardware loss" since find my mac can't function without location services.


All the best,
Keith Alperin


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