Contacts - Camera Viewfinder Rotated 90 Degrees and Black Bars Present when Launched In Landscape mode and Device held level with the ground.

Number:rdar://18416803 Date Originated:9/22/2014
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS Product Version:iPad 2 (Rev A)
Classification:1 - High Reproducible:
In the Contacts app if the user rotates the iPad device so its in landscape orientation and then lays the device flat on a desk or holds it level with the ground the Camera Viewfinder will be launched rotated 90 degrees with black bars on the sides. The user can then take the photo which appears correctly rotated. This is a terrible user experience and results in the user having lots of difficulty in capturing an image.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open Contacts App
2. Rotate iPad to Landscape Mode
3. Lay the iPad to flat on a desk
4. Add New Contact
5. Add Photo > Take Photo
6. Pick up the iPad

Expected Results:
Image Capture Viewfinder Displays in full screen oriented in Landscape mode. 

Actual Results:
Image Capture Viewfinder is rotated 90 degrees and is not full screen. 

iOS 8.0 GM


iPad 2 (RevA)

'Contacts_Viewfinder_Rotated_AND_Black_Bars_Present.png' and 'Picture_Taken_With_Rotated_Viewfinder_AND_BlackBars.png' were successfully uploaded.


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