Xcode 8 removes the ability to run plugins

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There is a thriving plugin community for Xcode (http://alcatraz.io/) which produced many plugins that make everyone's lives better.

That thriving community is in danger of dying out due to Xcode 8's refusal to run 3rd party plugins.

I appreciate that there is a new, native Xcode extensibility SDK.  However that SDK is extremely limited it what it can do.  Most of the plugins in Alcatraz can't be ported to it.

I, and many other developers (as can be attested here https://github.com/alcatraz/Alcatraz/issues/475) would like a way to re-enable the old plugin system, without having to resort to disabling OS-wide security protections.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Install Xcode 8
2. Fail.


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Strongly agree with this issue. It's just horrible to see that apple decides to remove all the community support from their application. Apple has just removed a million of features that was freely developed by 3rd users and does not provide an api that allows to do maybe 1% of what we had with the alcatraz package manager before.

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