Excessive "System" storage use

Number:rdar://33980454 Date Originated:8/19/17
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS + SDK Product Version:11.0/15A5354b
Classification:Other Reproducible:Always
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Since installing developer beta 6, the System category under Settings > General > iPhone Storage reports that over 11GB is used. Upon installing DB6 and noticing this issue, it was reported as closer to 10GB, which kept going up and was 11GB within about 24 hours. The phone reported that the space was full, but Settings > General > About reported that 1.23 GB was available at the time (16 GB iPhone 6s). Later, the System storage space used declined to 9.33 GB but quickly jumped to 9.44 and then 9.36 upon later checks, showing evidence of fluctuation in the amount used. System using 9.33 GB on a 16GB phone is still quite excessive though and much higher than system storage usage in other

Steps to Reproduce:
Open Settings > General > iPhone Storage on a device running developer beta 6 that has been running it for several days. Observe excessively high storage use by System and (in severe cases) inability to download anything due to storage being full even with Settings > General > About (and the graphical bar in Settings > General > iPhone Storage) showing available space.

Expected Results:
System should not be taking up such large amounts of storage compared to previous betas and previous releases.

Observed Results:
System is taking up such large amounts of storage compared to previous betas and previous releases.


Syncing or backup with iTunes did nothing to significantly reduce storage use (reduced by 0.03 GB - normal observed fluctuation)
Hard reboots have done nothing
Occurred several times during the 3:00PM EDT hour on 8/19/17 - around 3:36pm should be one of them

Only noticed after beta 6 had been installed for several days due to relatively slow nature of increase in System storage use


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