APFS: merge adjacent containers

Number:rdar://34733814 Date Originated:September 29 2017, 9:38 AM
Status:DUPLICATE OF 28082029 / OPEN Resolved:
Product:macOS + SDK / Disk Utility Product Version:
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Before the 10.13 High Sierra upgrade, I had a partition layout with three HFS+ partitions, roughly as follows:

1. large HFS+ partition
2. smaller HFS+ partition
3. HFS+ partition with my main OS (now on 10.13 High Sierra)

With the upgrade, 3 was automatically converted to APFS and wrapped inside an APFS container. 1 and 2 were left untouched. I was able to manually convert them. Doing so, however, created another APFS container for each, so now I have:

* container disk3
** partition disk3s1
* container disk4
** partition disk4s1
* container disk1
** partition disk1s1
** (additional partitions such as VM and Preboot)

There appears to be no way to losslessly merge the three contains into one, nor, as a more cumbersome alternative, to move a volume from one container to another?


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