JWK OEAP importKey fails if p < q

Number:rdar://34916499 Date Originated:2017-10-10
Status: Resolved:
Product:Safari Product Version:11.0 (13604.
Classification: Reproducible:Yes
When importing a JWK OEAP private key using crypto.subtle.importKey the import will fail if p < q

Steps to Reproduce:

In JavaScript Console

let key = {
    "alg": "RSA-OAEP",
    "d": "AEhCO0ZRRbsKTbTOzgW8_q2pET2vLQOyaLBwhWw6fK6Zz4GkKhNzcd15HpjQ5_HsqancBl6NT0h0RZ-NATzo4nTW-UL7HS3KfX4MBeun8s09LUQGFiteBbodONlnImL298JOeQnJiCtTyOPp7BokFvH5Tx0p5iSaMHQ9t6mo3CQ5EqM5tCOOAAIhIKfaTYACIA3z1ofKr45tHaqtdFNtGmEzlXjFGc_7AwK_TfaXJfcqyLaLqp7llc0c7Pktj-eSV4FI_Oysb0LXDK-L5ehJPafz6p9pLXCaQTOULMfwbvv3xKlY6Q2a9-AoBDWPPTgNzMS7DojCDguLA98-4ehjQQ",
    "dp": "YRLeNGJByvFv4Jpv2Ef-mmknlNmZdg2MCk7xsQh3-nufKxEssdN_jTF1lTR5mnYKJyaGfsuADRy-xzIuili91xx2631VXIpzO4EApt-_droErdjzwJiOVqbMQmEU9ithLWWbpa0IPm5HZCa7PD-2ctt79aMFualsmwQ2Auc2ET0",
    "dq": "KbWh0933yZ1ndCe5KW_QF0RlF57QsLL3Lc6bfOB2uY9AitUv5s4Q0BrHwdlS-0v1S0s3T_XJKjN5XRd-TEGOX0xZMRGuA99QyGm_arw4Rkrm27u3zBBUaN5Hm1rHMYugrbb4Ch1BQioCdlR1yfJwVR5w8cpp6J68jWl1ST0Oj7k",
    "e": "AQAB",
    "ext": true,
    "key_ops": [
    "kty": "RSA",
    "n": "zYn-rDpx6iI7AylGoNVh5WtdlgyQNa63JIv562B0Xh3Ye5ip3MW_ehPeEOIkTFFfigTNc2stCrTHVNRGgpny0bRsYJT6w_8PBzeCwIJ4xMy9Kzy8SGbyC8QfL0nopUJuJcIU5EuTyY4XX9p9M2FBqtjmplKGj6XsP81JrpVl1ZN5CNFW1mmpEIjdc7egzlH0CaJGum-Opr8rSw_-SQQNEDWsftAPwZktrJlk_mL068o6wuPuSgrzhhesbxBC532SsWtVkIgbJy-UlcsTI6KCSxZHQiAJ0q37bf1535IF8okrVd6iJqUjZ2XltbZpxDkAtoTKBEpH3tBiMUhiUzkOTQ",
    "p": "1blRZM5aXP7CkdOTWidcnkZQiBk8Rnpl12p2AsDgCqBWeLtGOoi8lux5zPwK07cB5Mcf0r7_uLHQt0tPHfuDKMacktLUsoCsVDbnkOPJL9aK0nWLCMzy9sgmZq4LMOChNRzPkQegq-vJxXON_Ol_3O2YGlePnpIIT79V_CzDbuU",
    "q": "9jI1BOgJNo6P3U21dgEYiMjJhF38n1xiyxRjl_dp5otzN4mkpg32sGAZAhO1rdjc9Zz2OlvuMyef6YQrtcDuVcm8Sq2YyYwhqB6dlN6dKswr9gGyBEqfcUtKoGRm7uNA1_z_N83n9h1ji06958uq3S3QvSS4_FlNlvQMsoOOw0k",
    "qi": "x9wUQzvMTSkzPKgvMnGxhltqX6Q3ruv2O5M98Vg-f_-c4O3p-bFSO94768OV7859QD_LY7J0eqjaUtvXXMcHpOH0J8xa7vgVU37vEjqEwI_zloDkyRihumwFKH6SCRTZTnIlJNgNFR_m1fFhatHdQj6VFf0HYREnTqlWd25yYRE",
    "kid": "h7bbt47gymfxtb3amihkvgu6zi"
let alg = {
	name: "RSA-OAEP",
	modulusLength: 2048,
	publicExponent: new Uint8Array([0x01, 0x00, 0x01]), // 24-bit representation of 65537
	hash: {name: "SHA-1"}
crypto.subtle.importKey("jwk", key, alg, true, ["decrypt"]);

Expected Results:

A successful cryptoky

Actual Results:

Error stating

"Unhandled Promise Rejection: DataError (DOM Exception 30): Data provided to an operation does not meet requirements"


Our (1Password's) work-around

As of April 24, 2018 our work-arounds are in place. Release notes for our web-client v481 https://app-updates.agilebits.com/product_history/B5#v481 include:

"Some users of Microsoft Edge could not sign in using Safari 11 or iOS browsers. The web app now detects when this error will occur and avoids it entirely. {3220, 4156, 4157}"

The most substantive of the work-arounds are that on import of JWK OEAP keys we check if p < q. If so, we swap p and q during the import (we do not change the stored key), swap dp and dq, and recalculated qInv. This seems simple enough, but in the process of implementing this, we encountered a difference in padding expectations between JSBN (a JavaScript BigNumber library) and SJCL(Stanford Javascript Crypto Library) that we needed identify and address.

We also now prevent the generation of keys with p < q, a behavior we have only encountered in Edge. But are running this check at key creation time everywhere. If a key is generated with p < q, we tell the browser to try again.

We still consider this a Safari bug, but as we have not heard anything from Apple about the status of this for some time, we've implemented these work-arounds.

Looking at the corecrypto source in cc_rsa_generate_key.c

/* qInv = q^(-1) mod p. This requires q to be at least as long as p with
    proper zero padding. Our caller takes care if this. Obviously qInv can
    be as big as p too. */
    if (cczp_mod_inv(zp, qinv, cczp_prime(zq)))

So if this is what is eventually called, it does have the expectation that p > q, and says it is the caller's responsibility.

May conform to RFC

There is a case that can be made that the behavior that we see as buggy may be correct behavior. RFC 3447 doesn't explicitly say that p must be greater than q. However having p < q may cause things to go against the RFC, which states.


the CRT coefficient qInv is a positive integer less than p satisfying

   q * qInv == 1 (mod p).


If p > q, the the most natural way to compute qInv will lead to one that is positive and less than p. But if p < q, the most natural way of computing qInv will lead to a negative value. Furthermore most browsers only or mostly generate OAEP private keys in which p > q. (Edge appears to be the exception.)

However, we've found that other browsers accept private keys with p < q. And arguing based on "the most natural way" to compute qInv seems like a stretch. There is also a very "natural" correction that gives you a positive qInv.

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