Enable us to compile on Linux or use docker-like containers

Number:rdar://40669395 Date Originated:May 30 2018
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As iOS developers we need macOS to compile iOS apps. This adds issues for the iOS community on many levels, most importantly the lack of virtualization support to work with clean containers for reproducible builds. As iOS development advances we want to be able to run a reliable CI system, that uses clean containers and has 100% reproducible builds.

We'd need either one of these 2 things from Apple:

1) Make the Xcode command line tools fully work on Linux, including packaging up the binary into an ipa file as well as running tests. This way we can compile iOS apps on a server, allowing iOS teams to scale up much faster. 
2) Enable us to easily virtualize macOS (both on a technical and a legal perspective) similar to how Docker works.

More information about all of this is available on [ios-factor.com](https://ios-factor.com).


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