Guided Access overrides "IdleTimerDisabled" property on iOS 12

Number:rdar://44628113 Date Originated:September 20 2018
Status:Open(Duplicate of 44157972) Resolved:
Product:iOS Product Version:12.0
Classification:Accessibility Reproducible:Yes
When Guided Access is enabled on iOS 12 it causes the isIdleTimerDisabled property to be ignored. Screen will enter sleep mode 10 minutes after last user interaction regardless of the idleTimer setting.


I've had the same thing with iOS 12.1 today as well. Not sure of the exact seconds but it was closer to the 10min mark in Jasons post. We have the "UIApplication.share.isIdleTimerDisabled = true" values the same. Fingers crossed for a fix soon.


Same here. There is a proof-of-concept app which dims the display to 0.0 after 60s of user inactivity to prevent display backlight from aging to fast. The app shall stay and run in foreground though, it must not be suspended by the system. The app is supposed to run as a kios app in guided access mode on an iPad attached to the wall.

However, the system goes to sleep after exactly 600s on my iPad Air1. The console log shows this message from a process called "backboardd": RemoteClient.m:185 : 15074.59689: Info: notify client of (timestamp: 15074.59687 attentionLostTimeout 600.00000 tagIndex 92 (tag not present in server))

In the settings I have disabled the screen auto-lock feature and the app also sets "UIApplication.shared.isIdleTimerDisabled = true".

jason, any news for your bug report at Apple?

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