pluginkit command line tool output flags are not documented

Number:rdar://48850534 Date Originated:13 March 2019
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:macOS sdk pluginkit Product Version:pluginkit(8)
Classification:Bug Reproducible:Yes
Output for the pluginkit tool shows flags (!, +, -, no flag) which are not defined in documentation or on the man page

Steps to Reproduce:
Run pluginkit -m in the shell; a variety of flags or no flag appears before the output, e.g.: 

!    com.hotbeverage.accesscontrolkitty.extension(1.0.1)

* man pluginkit gives sparse details on how to use pluginkit, but not on how to interpret the output.
* it looks like ! indicates a conflict, but it's not clear based on what - sometimes it seems to be the bundle id, but sometimes a duplicate doesn't seem to produce a ! flag.
* what is the difference between + and no flag? 

Expected Results:

man pluginkit should explain what these flags in the output mean, to help diagnosing problems with extensions

Actual Results:

No explanation of !, + , - output flags given on the man pluginkit page





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