Xcode should auto-import headers for any class used

Number:rdar://7673765 Date Originated:February 21, 2010
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Developer Tools Product Version:3.2
Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:N/A

IntelliJ IDEA automatically inserts import statements while you are typing, and detects non-imported classes found in pasted blocks of code. When a class is found, that has not yet been imported, IntelliJ IDEA displays a hint and allows you to quickly insert the required statement with Alt+Enter. 

Having something similar in Xcode would be fantastic.

Ideally, it would work like so:

1. In Xcode type "CalTask *newTask = nil;"
2. A drop-down appears asking if you want to import <CalendarStore/CalendarStore.h>
3. Press Command-Enter and "import <CalendarStore/CalendarStore.h>" is added to the top of the class's .m file.


So there is this feature in Xcode Version 13.2.1 (13C100) BUT it's sooo bad. I want to turn it off. Proof: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/69839535/xcode-13-turn-off-auto-import-feature/69917221


I need this feature too !

Mine got marked as a duplicate of 4464001 . So this has been requested for a while.

Also duped as 7700086

I had totally forgotten about this feature from IntelliJ it's been so long since I've used it. So many good things Xcode could steal from there. Duped with 7677214.

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