AppIntents: Localization does not fallback to Base.lproj when primary localization is unavailable.

Number:rdar://FB11470903 Date Originated:2022-09-07
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:AppIntents Framework Product Version:iOS 16.0
Classification: Reproducible:
Hello friends! Was hoping this would be fixed on the Xcode 14 release candidate & simulator set. But apparently not.

In Xcode 14 Release Candidate/iOS 16.0 release candidate, App Intents is not falling back to Base.lproj for localization when the device’s selected localization is unavailable.

Attached are a sample project as well as a series of screenshots demonstrating this behavior in the shortcuts app on an iPhone 11 Pro simulator. I can also verify that this doesn’t work on the iOS 16 release candidate on an actual device (I used an iPhone 11 Pro. Set to American English region & language.)

As it is, this current behavior makes my team unable to ship our planned App Intent for iOS 16. In fact, this makes us hesitant to ship this until we can require whatever minimum version of iOS 16 fixes this bug.


Hi people! For those interested in the sample project & screenshots, I have it on GitHub at

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