Add Setting to Disable Custom Authentication UI on Apple Websites

Number:rdar://FB7582188 Date Originated:2/15/20
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Safari Product Version:
Classification:Suggesetion Reproducible:Yes
A new feature was added in Catalina that lets the user use their local user account password (or Touch ID) to log into Apple websites when that local user account is logged in with iCloud. 

This is undesired behavior for users who use third-party password managers. Safari takes several seconds to load the custom authentication UI and then the user has to click "Cancel" to display the normal username and password fields on the website. This makes the process of logging in much longer than it would be if Safari didn't show custom authentication UI.

It is highly annoying that Safari treats Apple websites differently than any other website.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Navigate to an Apple website where you can log in with your Apple ID. (,, etc.)
2. Wait for Safari to present custom login UI.
3. Click "Cancel".
4. Wait for webpage to load username/password text fields.
5. Use third-party password manager to fill form.

Add a setting to Safari to disable this behavior. The desired behavior is that Safari does not treat Apple websites differently than other websites. When navigating to a log in page, Safari should show the standard username and password fields.


I agree with this. I work in a retail store where we share store computers at the registers and utilize apples website for various things. Having it ask for the local password only to offer logging in with the wrong account is very annoying and wastes time.

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