ImageCaptureCore: PTPNotAuthorizedToSendCommand upon making PTP request

Number:rdar://FB7593726 Date Originated:2020-02-21
Status:Closed Resolved:Resolved!
Product:Image I/O Product Version:iPadOS 13.4 Beta 2
Classification: Reproducible:100%
This worked in iPadOS13.4 Beta 1. No longer works in iOS 13.4 Beta 2.

I'm developing a third party app which uses ImageCaptureCore on iPadOS to control a DSLR. For astrophotography.

The rough steps, and there is an attached code sample that reproduces this.

- Instantiate an ICDeviceBrowser, set it's delegate and tell it start browser.
- Tap "OK" at the permission prompt.
- Device Browser's delegate is called after it finds my connected DSLR (`deviceBrowser(_:didAdd:moreComing:)`).
- I then set that added ICCameraDevice's delegate and request that the camera device open a session.
- After ImageCaptureCore finishes indexing the files on my DSLR (after `deviceDidBecomeReady(withCompleteContentCatalog:)` is called on my `ICCameraDeviceDelegate`) [1], I make a PTP request.
- The completion for `ICCameraDevice.requestSendPTPCommand(_:outData:completion:)` is then called with empty data, empty data, and a non-nil error with domain "" and code -21249. Looking through the documentation, I see that that corresponds to a PTP unauthorized error.

I also set breakpoints (in the sample project, I have print statements there) at `cameraDeviceDidRemoveAccessRestriction(_:)` and `cameraDeviceDidEnableAccessRestriction(_:)`, in case maybe those ever get called (despite the documentation indicating that they're only for Apple cameras), but I never got a callback for them.

[1]: In iPadOS/iOS 13.4 beta 1, I learned that unlike the macOS version of ImageCaptureCore, you need to wait until `deviceDidBecomeReady(withCompleteContentCatalog:)` is called on your `ICCamereDeviceDelegate` before you can make PTP requests. In the macOS version of ImageCaptureCore, you can start making PTP requests as soon as `device(_:didOpenSessionWithError:)` is called.

For openradar: The minimum code sample to reproduce this is at


Edit/Update: To get this to work, you need to add a value for `NSCameraUsageDescription` to your info.plist.


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