Problems getting EKParticipant email address

Number:rdar://FB7740303 Date Originated:17. Jun 2020
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:EventKit Product Version:
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There is no clear way to get EKParticipant email addresses. Often, EKParticipant.url contains the email address, but not always. In that case, there is no sure way to get the email address. 

I have prepared an iCloud calendar that lets you reproduce the isse. 

1. Subscribe to this iCloud calendar on your test device/simulator
webcal:// (it contains a recurring event every Monday evening where some attendees have an URL that is not a mailto: URL)
2. Open the attached Xcode project and run it.
3. Tap on the Event “Event - Two Attendees”
An alert sheet is displayed that lists all participants along with their URLs. Note the particiant’s URL sometimes contains the email, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Actual Results: 
Now we’re kinda stuck, with no official way to get the email address of the participants that do not have it in the URL.

Some way to get the participant’s email address. It’s definitely possible, as the Calendar app shows the email addresses of all invitees, even those with non-mailto URLs.


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