OSLogStore: How does Predicate work?

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With following sample code to access OSLogStore:

func getLogEntries() -> Result<[OSLogEntryLog], Error> {
    var logMessages: [OSLogEntryLog] = []
    do {
        // FB8269189: OSLogStore does not work iOS
        let logStore = try OSLogStore(scope: .currentProcessIdentifier)
        let oneHourAgo = logStore.position(date: Date().addingTimeInterval(-3600))

        // TODO: How to format the predicate? See "PREDICATE-BASED FILTERING" in `man log`.
        // Things I tried unsuccessfully:
        // - NSPredicate(format: "subsystem == %@", "com.steipete.LoggingTest")
        // - NSPredicate(format: "subsystem == \"com.steipete.LoggingTest\"")

        // FB8518476: The Swift shims for for the entries enumerator are missing.
        let allEntries = try Array(logStore.__entriesEnumerator(position: oneHourAgo, predicate: nil))
        let osLogEntryLogObjects = allEntries.compactMap { $0 as? OSLogEntryLog }
        for entry in osLogEntryLogObjects where entry.subsystem == subsystem {
        return .success(logMessages)
    } catch {
        print("Error: \(error)")
        return .failure(error)

I was unable to write a predicate to filter the log messages. Manual filtering works. Please provide sample code or fix the predicate logic - above syntax is what I would expect to work.



here is what works for me on MacOS 11.1 and Xcode 12.3

    let startTime = Date(timeIntervalSinceNow: -60)
    let logStore = try! OSLogStore.local()
    let predicate = NSPredicate(format: "category == %@",
                                argumentArray: ["app"])
    let position = logStore.position(date: startTime)
    let entries = try! logStore.getEntries(at: position, matching: predicate)

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