RelativeDateTimeFormatter returns wrong localizedString

Number:rdar://FB9080980 Date Originated:Apr 16, 2021 at 4:45 PM
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Classification: Reproducible:Always
RelativeDateTimeFormatter returns wrong localizedString for the date in 2 two days.
see the following code snippet
        var comps1 = Calendar.current.dateComponents([.year, .month, .day, .hour, .minute], from: date)
        comps1.setValue(16, for: .day)
        comps1.setValue(11, for: .hour)
        comps1.setValue(00, for: .minute)
        let today = comps1)!

        var comps2 = Calendar.current.dateComponents([.year, .month, .day, .hour, .minute], from: date)
        comps2.setValue(18, for: .day)
        comps2.setValue(10, for: .hour)
        comps2.setValue(00, for: .minute)
        let date = comps2)!
        let local =  RelativeDateTimeFormatter().localizedString(for: date, relativeTo: today)

Current behavior:
local ==> "in 1 day"
with German locale
local ===> "morgen"

Expected behavior:
local ==> "in 2 days"
with German locale
local ===> "├╝bermorgen"

When you change the hour in comps2 from 10 to 11 you get the correct result (in 2 days)


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