802.1x Ethernet connection is not started automatically after reboot (manual pressing of "connect" button is required)

Number:rdar://FB9084666 Date Originated:2021-04-22
Status: Resolved:
Product:macOS Product Version:11.2
Classification: Reproducible:yes
We run a 802.1x Ethernet network in our enterprise. We have a special
mitigation LAN in our enterprise. Every computer who is not able to
join via 802.1x or MAC address bypass falls into this mitigation
network. The computers in the mitigation LAN have no Internet/Intranet
connectivity. They are only accessible for our helpdesk.
The Problem now is that our macOS computers fall into this mitigation
LAN because it is not possible to force (not even with a profile) macOS
clients to start a 802.1x session by themselves. Manual intervention
(clicking on the "connect" button) is necessary otherwise the macOS
clients are stuck in the mitigation LAN.

Expected Results:
We want to force macOS to automatically connect to the Ethernet 802.1x
network after a reboot (without user intervention).

Actual Results:
The user has to manually connect to the 802.1X Ethernet network after
every reboot.


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