German string "Feedback" as accessibilityLabel reads "Komma Feedback" instead of just "Feedback"

Number:rdar://FB9086454 Date Originated:4/23/2021
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS Product Version:14.4.2
Classification:Bug Reproducible:Yes
Whenever the string "Feedback" is at the beginning of an accessibilityLabel of a UIKit View the German VoiceOver agent reads "Komma Feedback" ("Komma" == "comma" for ","-character).

This is very easy to reproduce in a sample Xcode project (I attached one - just run it on a device):
- Have an iPhone device (I have an iPhone 12 mini with iOS 14.4.2)
- My iPhone was set to German language and region, but I think this does not matter if you set the "accessibilityLanguage" to "de" on the view
- Run a simple iOS Xcode project containing a ViewController with the following code:

class ViewController: UIViewController {
    override func viewDidLoad() {

        // test it with other UIKit View types

//        let label = UIView()
//        let label = UIButton()
//        let label = UIControl()
        let label = UILabel()
        label.translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints = false

        // optionally set this for non-enabled UIKit types
//        label.isAccessibilityElement = true

        // this reads "Komma Feedback" in german voice over
        label.accessibilityLabel = "Feedback"

        // this reads "Komma Feedback Text" in german voice over
//        label.accessibilityLabel = "Feedback Text"

        // this reads "Mein Feedback" in voice over like expected
//        label.accessibilityLabel = "Mein Feedback"

        // set this to "en" and it just reads "Feedback"
        label.accessibilityLanguage = "de"


            label.centerXAnchor.constraint(equalTo: self.view.centerXAnchor),
            label.centerYAnchor.constraint(equalTo: self.view.centerYAnchor),
            label.widthAnchor.constraint(equalToConstant: 10),
            label.heightAnchor.constraint(equalToConstant: 10)

Code explanation:
This is a ViewController where a label was added to the center of the screen. 
On that label "accessibilityLabel" was set to "Feedback". And to make sure the text is read in German the "accessibilityLanguage" was hard coded to "de".
You can set that viewController as root view controller of the window or have it loading from a Storyboard (like the example project does).

When displayed VoiceOver selects and reads the label with the text "Komma Feedback". This is wrong!

Run the sample project:
In order to reproduce the bug extract the attached zip file which contains a ready to use Xcode project to be run.
To run on a device simply enable automatic signing and run on a device with VoiceOver enabled.

Please give me feedback what is going on here and when it is going to be fixed.
Thank you.


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