In a base OS installation, some keyboard shortcuts are enabled with no corresponding keystroke assigned

Number:rdar://FB9292131 Date Originated:2021-07-08
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:macOS/‌Something else not on this list Product Version:11.4 20F71, 12.0db2 21A5268h
Classification:Incorrect/Unexpected Behavior Reproducible:Always
In a base OS installation, with no changes made, following a fresh install on an erased disk:

Some keyboard shortcuts are enabled with no corresponding keystroke assigned. The keyboard shortcuts appear in System Preferences:Keyboard:Shortcuts.

Steps to reproduce:

With a fresh OS installation, look in System Preferences:Keyboard:Shortcuts. Examine the various categories, looking for which keyboard shortcuts are enabled and what keystrokes are assigned.

Expected behavior:

Any shortcut without a keystroke assigned (those that show “none” for the keystroke) is not enabled.

Observed behavior:

Some keystrokes are enabled (its checkbox is checked) without having a keystroke assigned (“none” is shown). See the attached keyboard_shortcuts.png (

In a fresh installation of macOS 12.0db2 21A5268h on a MacBookPro17,1, these keyboard shortcuts are enabled with no corresponding keystroke assigned.

Mission Control:Turn Do Not Disturb On/Off
Services:Pictures:Set Desktop Picture
Services:Messaging:New Email To Address
Services:Messaging:New Email With Selection
Services:Files and Folders:New Terminal at Folder
Services:Files and Folders:New Terminal Tab at Folder
Services:Files and Folders:Encode Selected Audio Files
Services:Files and Folders:Encode Selected Video Files
Services:Searching:Look Up in Dictionary
Services:Text:Add to Music as a Spoken Track
Services:Text:Convert Text to Full Width
Services:Text:Convert Text to Half Width
Services:Text:Show in Finder
Services:Text:Show Info in Finder
Services:Text:Show Map
Services:Internet:Add to Reading List

Being enabled without a corresponding keystroke assigned is meaningless, and the Keyboard preference pane goes out of its way to prevent a user from creating this situation by requiring a keystroke when enabling a shortcut that does not yet have one assigned. However, this misconfiguration exists the default set of keyboard shortcuts as shipped by Apple in the base OS. It is unclear whether other bugs may exist due to a keyboard shortcut being enabled without having a corresponding keystroke assigned.

I have seen this on fresh installations of both macOS 12.0db2 21A5268h and macOS 11.4 20F71.


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