Unable to Import Photos from Camera due to insufficient storage when plenty of storage is available

Number:rdar://FB9361978 Date Originated:Jul 19, 2021
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Photos Product Version:15
Classification:Bug Reproducible:every time
This is an issue that I’ve been having for a while, and it’s still present in the iOS 15 public beta (beta 3 at time of writing). When importing photos from my camera I’m unable to successfully import them because the Photos app says it’s out of storage, when in actuality there is plenty of storage available. 

In this example, my iPad has over 150gb of storage available and I’m trying to import 45gb. The photos app says I need an extra 25gb to be able to import my photos.

Steps to reproduce:
- Connect a camera or SD card to an iPad with photos on it (20+ gb seems to do it)
- Try to import photos into an iPad with way more than enough storage available
- See error indicating that there isn’t enough storage available

I expect to be able to import these because I do actually have enough storage on my iPad.


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