Deallocating GCVirtualController breaks interface autorotation (iOS 15 beta 3)

Number:rdar://FB9370882 Date Originated:7/20/21
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Game Controller Framework Product Version:iOS 5 beta 3
Classification:ncorrect/Unexpected Behavior Reproducible:Yes
As of iOS 15 beta 3, deallocating a GCVirtualController instance causes the app to stop responding to interface rotations. This is a problem because my app requires different GCVirtualController.Configurations for different games, but there’s no way to change a GCVirtualController’s configuration without deallocating + creating a new GCVirtualController.

Steps to Reproduce:
1) Initialize GCVirtualController with configuration
2) Call GCVirtualController.connect()
3) Call GCVirtualController.disconnect()
4) Deallocate GCVirtualController by removing all strong references
5) Attempt to rotate interface orientation

Expected Results:
The app continues to rotate as expected in response to interface orientation.

Actual Results:
The app no longer rotates in response to interface orientation.

I’ve attached a sample project to demonstrate this issue. Compile + run the project, then show + dismiss the virtual controller to see interface autorotation stop working. To “fix” this, change the “shouldDeallocateVirtualController” variable on line 12 of ContentView to “false”, which re-uses the virtual controller rather than deallocating it each time.


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