Safari does not support HTTP 421 response
Number:rdar://FB9423132 Date Originated:29/07/2021
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Safari Product Version:14.1.2 (16611.
Classification:TLS Reproducible:Always
This is description of problems:

 - Setup two domains on same level:, Both routed by one IP. Both must requires the same client certificate.
 - Go to, must got 200 OK
 - Then go to, must got 421 error
 - Refresh should not help
 - Reopening browser via Cmd+Q should help

 - Safari reused one connection for both domains and failed

Whats need to be improved:
 - Safari should follow RFC recommendation and close existing connection or open new one after getting 421 error
 - Either Safari should close connection after 421 error to make refreshing page helpful without closing and reopening browser

 - Two domains on same IP and same domain level 2 with client certificate should work by automatically refresh (hidden from user) or by manual Cmd+R refresh of page.


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