App Store Connect Rejects binary because custom Siri shortcut enum has display name Apple Music

Number:rdar://FB9594491 Date Originated:3/9/2021
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:App Store Connect Product Version:
Classification: Reproducible:Yes
Inside of a Siri Shortcut I have a custom enum with a list of music streaming services including Apple Music, Spotify etc etc…

Xcode correctly builds this app and also validates it before sending the binary to App Store connect for a test flight beta. After sending the binary to App Store Connect I receive an email saying the binary was invalid due to the following reason:

ITMS-90626: Invalid Siri Support - Custom enum value display name 'Apple Music' cannot contain 'apple'

After requesting code level Technical Support from Apple they said that this is most likely a bug and to file a bug report. (Follow up: 778914089)


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