Remove auto import or make a setting to be available to disable it.

Number:rdar://FB9816645 Date Originated:21.12.2021
Status:opened Resolved:-
Product:Xcode Product Version:13.1
Classification: Reproducible:true
Xcode 13 introduced automatic imports. It works really bad. Want to have a setting to disable it.


well intended but causes more harm than it helps

+100, it's been causing a couple of failures for us as well. Combined with the build system, which often does not actually complain when the app is compiled for tests in our pre-push hooks, this creates long delays in our pipeline.

+100 | Causing build issues for my team

This has resulted in several build issues for my team because XCode assumed a certain dependency which was not even linked to the project. An option to disable this would allow us to not have to double check commits for randomly placed imports.

Thank you.

By Wellington.Moreno at Dec. 30, 2021, 5:54 p.m. (reply...)

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