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28-Sep-2011 09:48 AM Boris Bügling:

iOS 5 contains an undocumented URL scheme for the Settings app, which allows opening specific pages in the Settings from a third-party app. Example: prefs:root=General&path=Bluetooth will open the Bluetooth preferences.

I am currently developing an app which uses a smart card reader connected to the iPad via Bluetooth. The reader is build as a HID keyboard device, so it simply connects as an external keyboard. To enhance the user experience when no card reader is connected, I want to include a link from the app to the BT settings page, using a delayed local notification for a quick link back to the app. 

To support this use case and probably others, too, I would like to request opening the URL scheme for the Settings app as a documented API, just like the sms: or tel: URL schemes.

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I have also noticed that this URL scheme is used by Mac OS X Lion's profile manager.


Any updates?

Mike reports that similar functionality has been restored with a new constant in iOS 8. Please see:

The documentation confirms this: as the constant UIApplicationOpenSettingsURLString will open your app’s section in the Settings app.

Have there been any updates to the Radar?

Changed from undocumented to unsupported

As of iOS 5.1, the URL scheme does not work anymore.

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