Xcode just doesn't work worth shit

Number:rdar://10597149 Date Originated:2011-12-16
Status:Open Resolved:N/A
Product:Developer Tools Product Version:4.2.1 / 4D502
Classification:Crash/Hang/Data Loss Reproducible:Always
Summary:  Xcode just doesn't work worth shit.

Steps to Reproduce:

1.  Open Xcode.  Open a project.

2.  Start typing some code.  OOPS LOOK IT FUCKING CRASHED.

3.  Reopen Xcode.

4.  Start typing something.  Wow, it doesn't crash this time!  Awesome.


6.  Quit and relaunch Xcode.

7.  Build and run your code again.  This time code signing works fine for reasons that Xcode won't fucking tell you even though you promised you wouldn't swear at it this time.

8.  Swear at Xcode because it's being a little shit.

9.  Start fixing a bug you found while running your app.

10.  Stop the process in Xcode.  Fix the bug in code.  Build and run again OH NOPE YOU SUCKER THIS TIME THERE'S A ZOMBIE THAT WAS LEFT ON THE DEVICE SO THE DEBUGGER REFUSES TO ATTACH.

11.  Fuck.

12.  Restart your Mac.

13.  Relaunch Xcode.  Build and run.  Observe that your code fixed the problem.

14.  You notice your memory usage is running high.  Decide to profile with Instruments.  Profile.

15.  Watch Instruments launch and then just stare at you even though you asked it to profile your app.

16.  Question your sanity and whether you really actually selected the Profile menu item.  Stare at Instruments out of the corner of your eye.

17.  Click Stop in Xcode and try profiling again.  This time Instruments starts working.  Fucking asshole.

18.  Start looking around, checking out various stack traces of various objects OH LOOK INSTRUMENTS ISN'T SYMBOLICATING YOUR CODE SO YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND BULLSHIT.

19.  Scream and yell.

20.  Search the internets until you find someone who helpfully recommends the obscure menu item to resymbolicate the document.

21.  Follow the helpful person's instructions and hey, look, it's Instruments finally symbolicating after pointing it to the dsym which HAS ALWAYS BEEN IN THE SAME FUCKING PLACE BUT FOR SOME REASON INSTRUMENTS COULDN'T FIND IT THIS TIME.

22.  Decide you need to see retain count histories.  Stop recording.  Open up the Allocations instrument info and check the box to record reference counts.

23.  Start recording again.  Instruments stares at you again.  Oh for fuck's sake...

24.  Stop recording.  Start recording again.  Instruments just sits there, recording no data, and "launching" your app but making it sit at a black screen.

25.  Wait for 15 seconds thinking that maybe it just takes a few seconds before it'll actually start the program and get data.  Wait for 30 more seconds.  Wait for another minute because you're a fool who actually believes that Apple's developer tools will actually function after a while instead of just crashing or continuing to not work.

26.  Laugh at yourself for being such an idiot.

27.  Try one more time: stop recording.  Click the start recorEXCEPTION!!!!111!!!!111!1!111!

28.  Click the "Crash" button in the exception dialog.  Relaunch Instruments.

29.  Attempt to re-profile, but Instruments is still not getting any data.  Stop recording.  Start recEXCEPTION!!!11!1!111!!11

30.  Contemplate whether Instruments is just trolling you.  Assign a 25% probability of intelligence that trolls.

31.  Give up and switch back to XcoEXCEPTION!!!!!111!111!11!

32.  Quit Xcode.

33.  Swear a lot.

34.  Complain about it on Twitter.

35.  Get responses from a bunch of engineers that just say "file a bug".  Flip them off even though they can't see you.

36.  Relaunch Xcode.

37.  Start doing some more coding on something else.  Xcode randomly decides to hang.

38.  Roll your eyes, knowing that this will just resolve itself in a few seconds.

39.  Wait a few seconds.

40.  Wait a few more seconds.

41.  Continue waiting.

42.  EXCEPTION!!!!111!11!111111!!oneoneone11one11eleven11!1

Expected Results: I expect Xcode to actually function and do what I tell it to do rather than hanging, crashing, and generally not functioning.

Actual Results: It's hard to get through a day with Xcode withoEXCEPTION!!!!!!111!!111!1

Regression: Xcode 3 wasn't this bad.

Notes: EXCEPTION!!!!111!111


Version 7.3.1 (7D1014)

Unfortunately there is no error message for "XCode compilation is slow as fuck". Luckily large-portion-of-an-hour compilation times can be commiserated by searching that exact search phrase. Not solved, just commiserated.

By fulldecent at May 5, 2016, 10:46 p.m. (reply...)

Not just damned funny; damned accurate.

This pretty much reflects my experience, and with the same version of Xcode.

I found this post after searching on Instruments not symbolicating the call tree, and pointing its stupid ass directly to the app and dsym file still doesn't work. Oh, and you failed to adequately criticize the piece-of-shit UI for pointing it to the dsym file. It presents a box in which to add paths, but you can't drag from Finder into it, and you can't even paste a path. You have to manually navigate to the build products directory, which of course is impossible by default because Apple has inexplicably decided to hide the ~/Library directory. So first you have to go to the command line and unhide that (which I swear I did before but 10.7.3 update re-hid it).

Oh, and the next time you come back to the dialog, guess what? The path you just put there isn't shown anymore. It's empty once again.

And yep, Xcode frequently hangs when it's doing nothing. You can literally be staring at the editor, and it starts pinwheeling. POS.

By VenusProbe at Feb. 10, 2012, 10:47 a.m. (reply...)

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