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To my knowledge, applications that use the Spotlight API won't be accepted in the Mac App Store after March, 1st.

Please consider a new sandbox entitlement that allows applications to use the Spotlight API to retrieve specific items from user's filesystem. Without such an entitlement, a whole class of applications is barred from reaching its user base.

An example of such an application is GarageTunes, a music playing/streaming application that was designed around the Spotlight API  to locate music files on the user's hard drive, thus freeing the user from the task of managing a library of music files.



I duped this and added the following information:

"And to explain my case: I'm working on an application that would allow users to import data from various other applications, such as the iOS and Windows versions of the same app. If we could use Spotlight to locate those data files we could vastly improve user experience by just pointing the user to those files as opposed as them having to look for them in an NSOpenPanel.

Forcing the user to interact with the file system would be a step back from what iOS and Lion have achieved in the past years."

By alexander.repty at March 2, 2012, 10:17 a.m. (reply...)

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