Xcode selects team signing profiles too aggressively

Number:rdar://10914434 Date Originated:Feb 22 2012
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Developer Tools Product Version:4.3
Classification:Serious Bug Reproducible:Always
Summary: When a project's code signing identity is set to "iPhone Developer" or "Mac Developer" and left to Xcode to expand, Xcode often picks a team signing profile, even when a profile matching the current bundle ID with project-specific entitlements is available.

This means that project members have to constantly hardcode the Code Signing Identity build setting to their own identities, stepping on each other's work whenever this change gets committed to version control.

Steps to Reproduce: Create a project using iCloud, or APNS, or anything else which requires Apple code-signing to function. Work on a team. Use version control.

Expected Results: Using the code signing prefixes "Mac Developer" or "iPhone Developer" should pick the most specific profile on the machine, which matches the current bundle ID and is signable by a Keychain-accessible signing identity. 

Actual Results: Xcode usually picks the goddamn Team signing profile, unless I throw all of them out from the provisioning profile section in the organizer. Then it picks my project profile. In practice, developers who also use the team profiles for other projects just hardcode the Code Signing Identity value, and waste a huge amount of time fiddling with build settings after every pull from another developer.

Regression: This was less infernally annoying before iCloud, because devs have to do routine builds using the project profile instead of letting Xcode harmlessly default to the team profile. Xcode 4.3 is no smarter about picking a project-specific profile than earlier versions.


Duped as rdar://10964861

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