RADIUSd segfaults after Migration from 10.6.8

Number:rdar://13936819 Date Originated:20-May-2013 01:57 PM
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:OS X Server Product Version:10.8.3
Classification:Serious Bug Reproducible:Always
After migrating from 10.6.8 RADIUS is not usable anymore since it segfaults.

Steps to Reproduce:
Have 10.6.8 server with RADIUS running to authenticate your WiFi against OD. Migrate to 10.8.3. After installation and the message that „Server has been configured successfully“ (which is about as far from the truth as it possibly can be) RADIUS and hence all of your company WiFi is not usable anymore.

Expected Results:
Since in the backend RADIUS hasn't changed it should migrate properly and just work.

Actual Results:
RADIUS can't be configured anymore at all even with radiusconfig(1) and cannot be used anymore. 

This is an effective denial of service for company/school/university WiFi. It forces one to reduce security in an unacceptable manger by switching o WPA2/Personal with globally shared passwords. In essence a security reduction that can only be mitigated by turning off WiFi for all users of the company/school/university.

Configuring of RADIUSd on the command line is not working as well. RADIUSd segfaults even when configured from scratch rendering RADIUSd unusable on OS X Server. This defeats the purpose of OS X Server and it's very nice single sign-on approach.


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