More Precise Naming Conventions Needed for Java and Security Updates

Number:rdar://14389534 Date Originated:7/9/2013
Status:Closed/Duplicate Resolved:Yes
Product:OS X Product Version:10.6 10.7 10.8
Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:NA
UPDATE 2/25/2014
Security Update 2014-001 appends Lion to the 10.7 version, so it has unique names for both the filename and the softwareupdate command line output as well.

Since mid 2012, all security updates and Java update package names have been stripped of platform name suffixes and in the case of Java, release numbers
Steps to Reproduce:
Download Security Update 2013-003 for all three platforms: Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion
Open all the disk images

Expected Results:
Packages are uniquely named with the platform name in the suffix.

Actual Results:
Packages and Volume names are all the same resulting in confusion.

Prior to Security Update 2012-004 for Snow Leopard naming was unique, after this suffixes were removed.
Prior to Java Updates for 10.7/10.8 release names were unique and denoted the release number.


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