Determine whether an NSPersistentStore is currently using local storage.

Number:rdar://14954149 Date Originated:10-Sep-2013 10:06 AM
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Product:iCloud Product Version:
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It would be very useful to know whether the NSPersistentStore loaded from an iCloud-enabled Core Data store is currently using the local storage backend or not.  Most importantly, I want to be able to tell my user that he needn't panic over all his data being gone when he opens the app, when it just appears that way because iCloud hasn't fully synced it into the store.

Additionally, for more low-level reasons, I need to know when my store has become fully "in-sync" with iCloud.  That's because at the user's request, I want to be able to migrate his iCloud-enabled store to a plain local Core Data store, in case the user chooses to abandon iCloud on his device and doesn't want to lose all his data.  I need to know that all the user's iCloud data has been synced into the store before performing this migration.


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