UITextView's selectedRange Is Inaccurate when UIKeyboardWillShowNotification Is Posted

Number:rdar://15149060 Date Originated:10/3/2013
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS SDK Product Version:iOS 7
Classification:Bug Reproducible:YES

The tap that makes the UITextView become first responder causes UIKeyboardWillShowNotification to get posted -- but before UITextView has updated its selectedRange property.

This is a problem because you might want to scroll the UITextView to show the selectedRange -- you might want to make sure the typing is visible to the user. (See #15148548: UITextView doesn't scroll to show typing.)

If you get the selectedRange on the next turn of the run loop, it will be accurate -- but you won't be able to properly sync your scrolling animation with the animation of the keyboard appearing.

Steps to Reproduce:

See the attached project that demonstrates the bug.

Expected Results:

selectedRange is correct when UIKeyboardWillShowNotification is posted.

Actual Results:

selectedRange is not correct when UIKeyboardWillShowNotification is posted.

iOS 7

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