Xcode Workspaces behave differently when adding projects based on other Xcode windows

Number:rdar://18541863 Date Originated:2014-10-03
Status:Duplicate of 8124125 which is open Resolved:
Product:Xcode Product Version:6.0.1
Classification:Usability Reproducible:Always
If you drag a .xcodeproj package for a framework into a Workspace's Project Navigator view the result differs based one whether that framework is open in another window.

Note I wrote no code in the samples: they are just auto-generated templates by Xcode.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Unzip the provided sample and open FrameworksInWorkspaces.xcworkspace.

2. Open the OpenElsewhereFramework folder and open OpenElsewhereFramework.xcodeproj in a separate Xcode window.

3. Open the ClosedFramework folder. Drag ClosedFramework.xcodeproj into the open workspace's Project Navigator such that it becomes a top level item. You should have DummyApp with 2 targets, and ClosedFramework with 2 targets. Both entries have disclosure triangles to reveal file groups inside.

4. Go back to the OpenElsewhereFramework folder and drag the .xcodeproj into the workspace, just like you did in step 3.

5. Select DummyApp, go to the Build Phases and click the + button under "Link Binary with Libraries". Note that ClosedFramework is listed under "Workspace" but OpenElsewhereFramework is not.

6. Close both the OpenElsewhereFramework and the workspace.

7. Reopen the workspace, notice that the display of OpenElsewhereFramework now lists targets and has the disclosure triangle.

8. Try to add a framework again to DummyApp and see that both frameworks are now listed.

Expected Results:
At step 5 I expect both frameworks to be available. If that can't happen in step 4 there should be an error alerting me to the problem. Note that after you get this set up if you open the workspace *first* you are prevented from opening the framework project. If you close everything, open just the framework project, then open the workspace the problem sort of reoccurs but you also get a "Workspace Integrity" error.

Actual Results:
Following the steps exactly generates an unexpected state with no explanation as to the true issue. I thought my framework project was configured incorrectly when the issue was simply that I had the framework project *open* in another window. 

Xcode 6.0.1/6A317 & OS X 10.10/14A379a

A simple dialog stating "This project is open in another window. Please close that window and try again." would be much clearer.

This happens every time I try this. I'm using a retina MacBook Pro (10,1) running the Yosemite GM Candidate (build 14A379a)

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