UITextView don't display the localized text when the localized resource is a .strings file

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I created a simple storyboard app with a textview and a label. Then, I chose to localize the app in french. A Main.strings file was created. I changed the text of both fields. I ran the app in french. Only the label's text was localized. When I converted the Main.strings to Main.storyboard for french and ran the app in french, the localized text showed just fine for both fields.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open XCode
2. Create a new storyboard app
3. Add an UITextView with value "textView english"
4. Add an UILabel with value "label english"
5. In the Project/Info under Localization, add French
6. In the project navigator panel, select Main.storyboard
7. On the right panel, under Localization, check the French checkbox. 
8. A Main.strings file was created for french language. Edit that .strings file by giving the "textView french" value to the UITextView and "label french" value to the UILabel.
9. Run the app in french
10. Notice how only the label's value is localized.

Expected Results:
I expected to see the localized value of textView being used: "textView french"

Actual Results:
I noticed that the value of the textView is "textView english", although I was running my iPhoneSimulator in french.

Version 6.1.1 (6A2008a)


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