The "File System Protections" section of the System Integrity Protection Guide developer documentation incorrectly lists /Applications/Utilities as being SIP-protected

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The System Integrity Protection Guide developer documentation includes a section named "File System Protections", which includes the following information:


The following directories can only be written to by the system:

System-Only Locations



Link to "File System Protections" section:

/Applications/Utilities is not listed in /System/Library/Sandbox/rootless.conf as being protected by SIP, though a number of applications within /Applications/Utilities are specified within /System/Library/Sandbox/rootless.conf as being protected.

You can use this command to read which entries in /System/Library/Sandbox/rootless.conf include /Applications/Utilities:

cat /System/Library/Sandbox/rootless.conf | grep "/Applications/Utilities"

The list as of OS X 10.11 GM (15A282b) is below:

/Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI
/Applications/Utilities/Bluetooth File
/Applications/Utilities/Boot Camp
/Applications/Utilities/Digital Color


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