tvOS should allow WKWebView

Number:rdar://22738023 Date Originated:2015-09-17
Status:Duplicate/22658622 Resolved:
Product:tvOS SDK Product Version:9.0
Classification:Feature (New) Reproducible:
Web technologies are an important part of many native iOS apps. Not just downloading content from the web, but also rendering HTML and clicking on links. tvOS should allow at least basic WebKit access so that developers can build apps that use styled HTML text and that support content from the open web.

I suggest one of two initial options for the Apple TV:

* Limited use of WKWebView. Developers could render HTML content to use in their UIKit-based app — anything from movie reviews styled with CSS to short microblog posts — but there would be no full browser, so features like hyperlinks would need to be handled by each app.

* Full use of WKWebView plus SFSafariController. Developers could do most of what they expect from web views on iOS, and users could use the remote to scroll and "focus" on links so they can be followed. For browsing full web pages, a Safari view controller would be available to open full-screen just like on iOS 9.

Allowing WKWebView will make our apps better, providing more options and a richer user experience for styled and hyperlinked content.

Steps to Reproduce:
Try to import and use WKWebView or UIWebView with the tvOS SDK.

Expected Results:
WKWebView or UIWebView should be available in at least a limited form for TV apps.

Actual Results:
UIWebView is marked with __TVOS_PROHIBITED and cannot be used.

tvOS 9.0


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