Swift: `throws` keyword annotated with types

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I love the work the Swift team has done. Swift is one of the closest languages to being perfect that I see out there right now (maybe it's the novelty). But I think that this particular language feature--the forced general throwing annotations--puts a major stopper in the attempts of myself and countless other programmers attempting to write code the way it is intended to be written. Whenever I use a throwing function I find myself doing something like this:

```do {
  let result = try searchForQuery(query) // function I wrote, it only ever throws an error of type `SearchError`
} catch let error as SearchError {
  // do something helpful with the error, because I know its type
} catch let error {
  // this is required by the compiler for completeness. But it confuses me a bit.
  // On the one hand, it feels wrong to swallow because, since throws is not typed, a teammate could just change my function to throw a different type of error without remembering to add handling code here. But what am I supposed to do with this error? Literally all I know about it is that it conforms to ErrorType. So maybe I should just swallow it.
  // Regardless, this section is, at best, useless, and at worst, dangerous to error handling.

99% of the time I know what kind of error I am going to throw. The other 1%, I should either figure out which error I'm going to throw, or use `rethrows` instead. (In this situation, I think it would be prudent to keep `rethrows` generic, unless you decide you want developers to type-annotate the throwing closures they pass into a rethrowing function, which would also make sense.)

Some caveats/benefits if you decide to move forward with this proposal:
- I would consider it part of the base functionality to be able to annotate with multiple ErrorTypes. Something like `func searchForQuery(query: String) throws SearchError, NetworkError -> [Item]` or `func searchForQuery(query: String) -> [Item] throws SearchError, NetworkError`.

- One other potential benefit of type-annotating `throws` would be that you could provide intelligent autocompletion for `catch` statements, since you would be able to statically collect the potential ErrorTypes that can be thrown by each throwing expression in the `do` block. 

- To migrate from existing swift code... One way would be to assume `throws` is equivalent `throws ErrorType` and add a compiler warning to anything that is marked with just `throws` implicitly with a suggested auto-fix that either replaces `throws` with `throws ErrorType` or statically analyzes the function's body to see what it throws at each `try`/`throw` statement (probably not in the scope of this feature, realistically). Another way would be to just stick a compiler error on every instance of a naked `throws` saying "Needs to throw one or more types that implements ErrorType", and have a suggested auto-fix similar to the first way I described.
- In the vein of the previous bullet point, I will warn that it may be disingenuous to have a code style migrator like you had for the transition to Swift 2. An automatic migration would encourage people not to put thought into reannotating their existing throwing code. Personally, I think the best option would be the compiler warning I described with no code migration helper.


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