Mail 9.3: Quick Look in Attach Files dialog loses focus

Number:rdar://25165731 Date Originated:2016-03-15
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Mail Product Version:9.3
Classification: Reproducible:Always
When using “Attach Files” to attach a file to an email, Quick Looking a file loses the focus on the file list.

Steps to Reproduce:
When composing a message:
1) Select "File > Attach Files…" 
2) In the Open File dialog that appears, highlight an existing file in the file list. 
3) Press the Space bar to Quick Look the highlighted file. 
4) Exit Quick Look to return to the Open File dialog.

Expected Results:
I expect OS X to return the focus to the file list.

Actual Results:
After step 4), the focus is no longer on the list of files. The selected file that I just Quick Looked is highlighted in GREY instead of the foreground highlighting colour (blue). And I have to click on the list of files again to bring it back into focus.

Occurs in Mail, but also in Nisus Writer Pro and in Office 2016 apps, but not in other apps.

New in El Capitan.


Closed as duplicate of 25171509

Just got an email from Bug Reporter about the fact that my BR was closed as a duplicate of BR #25171509.

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