Allow to view radars from company members

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Peter Steinberger20-Jun-2016 10:54 PM

We file a lot of radars here at PSPDFKit. Yet we need to use and because one team member can't see the radar status of another team member.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. File a radar as person A
2. Try to see radar as person B, same Enterprise Team
3. Radar will not be found.

Expected Results:
Radars should be viewable within the same team so we do not need to copy the information into other places to have something shared.

Actual Results:
Radar is not visible. This really confused me the other day because there is no difference between a radar not accessible and radar not found and I almost thought there's data loss going on.

OS X 10.11.5


OS X 10.11.5



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