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Peter Steinberger22-Jun-2016 10:47 AM

Often radars are pushed back to us mere mortals, asking us to be verified on the latest version of iOS/macOS. This either happens because nobody looked at them yet, or because the engineers believe this has been fixed and us checking that this is indeed the case is crucial.

Problem is: We do not see the difference. There's an internal Verify field in Radar but it is not exposed to our radar interface.


Often after a major event like WWDC we get back a large list of issues and such a field would greatly help to prioritise what we need to look on first... also some developers might be more motivated to give feedback if radar is a bit more open and they have hope that something has indeed been fixed.

This is part of a larger frustrating problem that many comments are not visible and the language we get back to from radar is highly generic - more individual messages, even if they are shorter, would go a long way in making the process feel more human2human and would generate better/faster responses from our side. Resulting in a better product and helping Apple as well.

Further good points of the conversation:

Steps to Reproduce:
Write a radar
Get it back for review
Observe that it's simply "Open" no matter the internal state

Expected Results:
An additional exposed field that shows if there have been significant changes.

Actual Results:
We need to rely on guesswork or subtle language changes (which are inconsistent though) to try to guess if there has been progress.






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