Xcode project update checker does not correctly handle version numbers

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Product:Xcode Product Version:7.3.1
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Peter Steinberger23-Jun-2016 03:25 PM

When working with multiple Xcode versions (for example Xcode 7.3 and Xcode 8), it often occurs that the project update version scripts keep showing up, despite already performing (some - but not necessary all) recommended upgrades. 

If any remaining upgrade suggestions are unchecked and the update checked is dismissed by pressing the done button, the LastUpgradeVersion changes and can even be downgraded to an earlier version.

Steps to Reproduce:
Open an a project with outdated settings in Xcode 8. Uncheck all suggested options in the project updater and select done. 
Open the same project with Xcode 7.3.1. When (if) the project migrator shows up again, uncheck all suggested options and select done. The LastUpgradeVersion should now be lower than before. 

Expected Results:
If the update was already performed using a newer version of Xcode, then the updater should now show up again when switching to an older Xcode version. 

Actual Results:
Updated can show up again and decrease the LastUpgradeVersion in the xcscheme file. 

Xcode 7.3.1/8b1

We have seen this happen with multiple Xcode versions so far. Most currently with Xcode 7.3.1 and Xcode 8 (beta1). Original is rdar://26972495

Xcode 7.3.1/8b1



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