CoreGraphics PDF backend has a confusing log

Number:rdar://28250871 Date Originated:11-Sep-2016 09:48 PM
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Product:Documentation Product Version:iOS 10GM
Classification: Reproducible:Always
Peter Steinberger11-Sep-2016 09:48 PM

Something not on this list

When we create a PDF via CoreGraphics, sometimes it emits following log:

<Error>: replacing +/-infinity with 2147483647
<Error>: replacing +/-infinity with -2147483648.

This log is confusing - it took me forever to figure out where it comes from, and in the end Greg Parker helped me figure this out:

Steps to Reproduce:
It's a bit tricky to provide a sample app but doing a full-text search over CoreGraphics will quickly reveal this.

Expected Results:
The log should either be silenced; or at least provide a way to set a breakpoint and write from where it comes from - this will confused many people and without any context chance that anybody figures out what to actually fix will be slim.

Actual Results:
Confusing Log

iOS 10GM

This is a regression; first appeared in iOS 10 betas and is still in the GM.

iPhone 6s Plus


I tracked it down to this line in PDFWriteNumber:

PDFError("replacing +/-infinity with %d.", (unsigned int)(a2 <= 0.0) + 0x7FFFFFFF);

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