Universal Clipboard causing apps to freeze for up to 15 seconds while it checks for data on the main thread

Number:rdar://28787338 Date Originated:15-Oct-2016 08:52 AM
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS Product Version:10
Classification: Reproducible:
Peter Steinberger

System Slow/Unresponsive

I can't pinpoint this to 100% nor can I provide a sample app, but I've seen again and again new weird complete freezes after the text loupe should be gone and just before the menu that shows "Paste" (IF available) comes up for text inputs.

This is really disruptive and annoying and I blame Universal Clipboard. This never happened before iOS 10, and I it only happens when my Mac is open and I'm in a WiFi. Also only sometimes.

Steps to Reproduce:
Be in WiFi
Have Mac open and configured so that Universal Clipboard works (magic, I guess have a shared Apple account? Not documented how this actually works - it just does)
Use apps. Observe sporadic slowdowns.

Expected Results:
Should not freeze whole app for 15 seconds.

Actual Results:
Freezes app. Very disruptive. Or, as Trump would say it:

Sad. Inefficient. Weak!

(OT: please don't vote for someone who treats women that way, the world is watching.)

iOS 10.0.1, also happened with 10.1b2

Other people have similar issues, I found rdar://28774309 which reports something similar but shorter.

iPhone 6s Plus



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