Receipt Validation (latest_receipt) and multi-platform services

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Product:iOS SDK Product Version:7-10
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We need to validate renewed auto-renewable subscriptions for ”iOS 7 style transaction receipts”. Currently only it’s only available for ”iOS 6 style transaction receipts for auto-renewable subscriptions.” according to the documentation:

Simply ”iOS 7 style transaction receipts” needs the latest_receipt field, just as the old receipts had.

Steps to Reproduce:
1, Have an auto-renewable subscription (one month), for a service both available on the iPhone and the web. Let’s say it’s a TV-show with new episodes every week.
2, Purchase the subscription (one month)
3, Wait one month, let the subscription renew but don’t open the app.
4, Visit the web-page to watch the TV-show
5, To verify that the user is subscribing, try to verify the latest receipt - but there is none.
6, Ask the user to go home and find hers/his phone, open the app and click ”Restore purchases”

Expected Results:
The field ”latest_receipt” being populated with the latest receipt, so we can know if the customer is still subscribing or not.

Actual Results:
Only available for ”iOS 6 style transaction receipts”

Since ”iOS 6 style transaction receipts” is deprecated but not removed, you can still get the latest_receipt-field by fetching those as well (or instead of the newer receipts). This means that by since ”iOS 7 style receipts” has less functionality than the older ones, Apple are incentivizing its third-party developers to keep using legacy code. For an unwelcome surprise when the deprecated functions are finally removed. A situation that will make nobody happy.

If the purpose of this is to prevent auto-renewable subscriptions to be used for multi-platform services it should be clearly stated that this is the case - AND - Apple must not prevent third-party payments in our apps.



Turns out I was wrong. The documentation is just unclear.

I've got response back from Apple saying that latest_receipt always exists in iOS 7 style receipts as long there is at least one auto-recurring subscription.

By olof.thoren at Oct. 30, 2016, 10:10 a.m. (reply...)

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