Deprecate UITableView and offer a UICollectionViewTableLayout instead

Number:rdar://30098111 Date Originated:19-Jan-2017 06:20 PM
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Product:iOS/UIKit Product Version:10.2
Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:Always
Peter Steinberger


UICollectionView is an almost perfect superset of UITableView. Especially in our modern world with split screen and apps that can adapt to sizes, it's often desirable to have a mode that can switch between list and grid easily. Right now this is hard (reimplement a list that might not feel perfect because getting all the details of UITableView as a collection view layout just perfect is hard) or it means maintaining two controls with different callbacks - something that just cries for bugs.

The situation is imperfect and Apple knows - this was already discussed in WWDC'14 Session 232 - Advanced User Interfaces with Collection Views where UI was built to resemble table views.

It's time for an official API so people don't need to create imperfect copies and can rather spend time to make great apps.

We've blogged about this here in much more detail:

Steps to Reproduce:
Try to simulate UITableView with a custom UICollectionView layout.

Expected Results:
A predefined UICollectionViewTableLayout readily available as public API.

Actual Results:
We have to manually build something like UICollectionViewTableLayout for each app, which is hard and makes apps imperfect.

Xcode 8.2.1, iOS 10.2

See for a detailed post about this issue

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