Safari Technology Preview 32 Crashes after clicking Trust in Extension Preferences

Number:rdar://32650935 Date Originated:June 8 2017
Status:Closed Resolved:June 15, 2917
Product:Safari Technology Preview Product Version:Release 32 (Safari 11.0, WebKit 12604.
Classification:Duplicate Reproducible:Yes
If a user opens Preferences > Extensions and attempts to install a .safariextz file in Safari Technology Preview 32 they will be prompted to "Trust" the developer. If they choose "Trust", Safari Technology Preview will crash.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open Safari Technology Preview 32.
2. Open Safari > Preferences > Extensions.
3. Download the 1Password extension from here:
4. Drag the .safariextz file on to Safari's Extensions 
5. Safari will prompt to "Trust" the Developer.
6. Click "Trust".

Expected Results:
Extension is installed in Safari.

Observed Results:
Safari Technology Preview crashes (see .crash file attached).

Release 32 (Safari 11.0, WebKit 12604.


Duplicate of rdar://32462636

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