Code formatting issue with braces

Number:rdar://32743715 Date Originated:June 13 2017, 8:22 PM
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Classification:UI Reproducible:Always
There's a few issues with code formatting on the Xcode 9 beta, when using braces.

Attached are screenshots of my Xcode editor settings, as well as a movie illustrating the issue.


Steps to Reproduce:
As you can see in the attached movie, when creating an indented set of braces, like:


When hitting return while inside the braces, the closing brace is not indented as expected:

        /* ... */


Expected Results:
The closing brace should stay on the same column as the opening brace.


Observed Results:
Closing brace is not indented at all.


Xcode Version 9.0 beta (9M136h)
macOS Version 10.13 beta (17A264c)


Duplicate of 31861866

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