MapKit showsPointsOfInterest = false does not remove all points of interest

Number:rdar://36226715 Date Originated:12/27/2017
Status:Open Resolved:No
Product:MapKit Product Version:11.2.5
Classification:Bug Reproducible:Yes

- Using showsPointsOfInterest = false does not remove all Points of Interest from MapKit

Steps to Reproduce:

1) Add a map to your project (either via code or IB)
2) Set the map to NOT show points of interest (either via code or IB)
- (recommended to set the map to a city area for best results, but in personal testing, this works just about anywhere)
3) Run the app

Expected Results:

- ALL business names disappear

Actual Results:

- About ⅔ of business names disappear, leaving mostly entertainment and government buildings (e.g. DMV's, theaters, malls)


- Bug has been found from iOS 10 ( to as recent as iOS 11.2.5


- Not applicable

Please note, the included project is NOT mine, but is from ( and was built using iOS 10.1 for Objective-C. This bug is present in Swift 4, although no demo included.


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