Spotlight is very frustrating to use

Number:rdar://36319645 Date Originated:05-01-2018
Status:Closed as dupe (24851799) Resolved:11-01-2018
Product:macOS Product Version:10.13.2 (17C88)
Classification:Bug (UI) Reproducible:Sometimes

When I'm in Spotlight, I find it infuriating that as new entries come in from the web, the entry I've selected with the arrow keys doesn't selected. It's beyond frustrating to be reading the dictionary definition for a word and then have it replaced with some random Siri suggestion.

Steps to Reproduce:

- Open Spotlight and search for a word that doesn't have a lot of local results. I used "kismet".
- Use arrow keys to select the dictionary result.
- Read the definition, and _then_ the web results come in.

Expected Results:

- Web results populate _around_ the selected entry (the dictionary result). The contents of the right pane of the spotlight window DO NOT CHANGE.

Actual Results:

- Web results populate and the entire results table is reloaded. My selection is lost. Some other result altogether is now selected and I have to find and re-select the dictionary result. I'm frustrated. I want to switch away from macOS. I loose faith in Apple. I consider buying a generic laptop and installing Linux.

10.13.2 (17C88)




The original radar that this was closed as a dupe of, as been closed. So we'll see! Maybe this is fixed in the next macOS.

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